Innovation is risky...
...standing still even riskier.
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“The car was fast last year.” But that was last year.

Over twenty years in vehicle performance engineering has taught us to take a different view.

We’ve developed our own methods and techniques that give us an edge in the industry and we feel extremely comfortable pushing the limits in search of that next step. This is where insights and performance are found.

Your new understanding will give you the confidence to go from where you are now to pushing the boundaries further and harder than your rivals.

Innovation never gets easier, you just go faster.

Case studies

Our clients

“We have worked with Collins Limited since 2014, initially as engineering consultants and then as technical partner for the VUHL05 RR vehicle development program for two years. As part of that programme they were responsible for supplier communications, engineering solutions and managed the on track test program. Their technical expertise and approach is impressive. They left no stone unturned.”

Guillermo Echeverria
VUHL Automotive

“We needed to improve our pit stops and having been colleagues at Wirth Research, it was an easy decision to bring the guys in to develop Manor’s first ‘quick release’ front jack, a ‘clean sheet’ design. Above expectations, we had a track-ready jack in eight weeks, from concept to production. On the strength of this we moved the team on to leading the research and design of our first new steering wheel in three years.”

John McQuilliam
Technical Director
Manor Racing, F1

“Working with Collins Limited has closely resembled my experience at Williams Advanced Engineering – their speed of response, innovation and positive methodical approach to problem solving means we always look forward for opportunities to engage them. Having run programmes with us in both mechanical and electronic engineering, they consistently deliver to brief, often finding insights which go above and beyond.”

Oscar Morgan

“We’ve worked with Collins Limited since 2019 on a yet to be released project. Their wide ranging vehicle design experience has ensured every detail is just right. Over the course of the project our companies have built up a strong technical relationship. They are very open minded and have responded quickly to our development requests. They’ve definitely pushed the project to a higher level.”

Steve Gentil
Technical Director
Xtreme Motorsport

“We started working together in 2019, both at the track and in the simulator. Their engineering process is robust and we have developed a strong working method. On the back of this my technical understanding of car set up, driver input and racing lines has sky rocketed. Away from the track they support me with simulator sessions and have developed an accurate vehicle model of my BTCC BMW 3 series. I’m glad they are in my corner!”

Tom Oliphant

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