Bodywork design

Visual appeal

To create a vehicle design that is both visually appealing and maintains a good user experience is challenging: our design team rose to this challenge when tasked with developing the bodywork surfaces for a new, four wheel drive off-road vehicle. The client provided a base concept and requirements to Collins Limited from where we developed a series of 2D hand drawings for review. The next stage was creating 3D models to evaluate vehicle packaging and assess the vehicle aesthetic through renderings. Bodywork design is much more just than the vehicle aesthetic: it includes powertrain and brake cooling, practical packaging for off-road racing and ability for quick changes in case of damage.

“Bodywork design is much more than just the vehicle aesthetic…”

Collins Limited worked in close partnership with the client at each stage, to ensuring that neither the aesthetic form nor functional practicality were compromised. When the project is launched We’ll unveil the design…!
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